Navigating the pandemic bit by bit

February 2 | 2021

As I tell in my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective, I’m the daughter of a gamester—a father who, though not an…  more ›

Turning to the US—shout-out to author and book blogger Deborah Kalb

January 25 | 2021

Like so many Canadians, my parents had a special affection for the US and vacationed at the Lake Tarleton…  more ›

The Smallest Objective in Canadian Jewish Record

January 8 | 2021

I’m delighted to share a feature article about my memoir that recently appeared in Canadian Jewish Record. For those who aren’t…  more ›

My mother’s vintage holiday baubles

December 22 | 2020

As I tell in my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective, my mother’s brief career as a biology student ended when a…  more ›

Observing Chanukah with a different kind of flame—my aunt Carol in the Caribbean

December 10 | 2020

In my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective, I describe how my aunt Carol and her husband, Marvin, were honeymooning in Jamaica…  more ›

Celebrating the virtual launch of The Smallest Objective

November 26 | 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined in the virtual launch of my memoir, The Smallest Objective, on Tuesday, November 24,…  more ›

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Miramichi Reader celebrates Jewish Book Month

November 12 | 2020

I’m delighted to announce that for Jewish Book Month, the esteemed Miramichi Reader is showcasing author Nora Gold, together…  more ›

Remembering my father on Remembrance Day

November 11 | 2020

For my father, the D-Day landing was a defining moment—one that he remembered into his old age even as…  more ›

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My new memoir a recommended Montreal read

November 10 | 2020

I’m delighted to share that my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective, has been named by writer and CKUT radio host Robyn…  more ›

A conversation for Jewish Book Month

November 2 | 2020

November is Jewish Book Month, a tradition that dates back to 1925 in the US and 1944 in Canada.…  more ›