Remember Expo?

June 21 | 2021

Lots of talk these days about vaccine passports. In 1967, the sought-after passport was the one for Expo, the…  more ›

Roaring Twenties

June 11 | 2021

With Ontario finally opening bar and restaurant patios today, everyone’s getting ready to party. Here’s my grandmother Rose in…  more ›


June 3 | 2021

As we enter June, many of us are longing for the open road. Here’s what that looked like in…  more ›

A wonderful Sunday at Junction Reads

April 20 | 2021

My sincere thanks to Alison Gadsby of Junction Reads for allowing me this weekend to share my memoir, The…  more ›

The Smallest Objective in April’s Jewish Book Carnival

April 15 | 2021

Many thanks to Israel-based novelist and book blogger Gila Green for interviewing me recently about my memoir, The Smallest Objective.…  more ›

The Smallest Objective in Canada’s History

March 25 | 2021

I’m most grateful to Sharon Hanna for her sympathetic review of my memoir in the current issue of Canada’s History.…  more ›

My mother & the longing for something new

March 15 | 2021

Pretty well all of us right now are longing for something new—spring blossom, a silken-eared puppy, the freedom to…  more ›

Prohibition-era Montreal—a good-time town

March 5 | 2021

The 1928 Irving Berlin song “Hello Montreal” celebrated North America’s sin city, where cheap whiskey and illicit gambling were…  more ›

Reminiscence—my grandmother Malca and her fine feathers

February 15 | 2021

So pleased to share my latest small publication, a story about my paternal grandmother, Malca Kirsch (left)—a woman with…  more ›

Butterfly fish and staghorn coral—Barbados on a postage stamp

February 10 | 2021

My father was a collector, as mentioned in my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective, and among his favourite collectables were…  more ›