Miramichi Reader celebrates Jewish Book Month

November 12 | 2020

I’m delighted to announce that for Jewish Book Month, the esteemed Miramichi Reader is showcasing author Nora Gold, together with The Smallest Objective, my recent memoir. Thank you, Miramichi Reader!

“November is Jewish Book Month and we would like to highlight two prominent Jewish-Canadian authors, Nora Gold and Sharon Kirsch on the home page of TMR for the remainder of November. Dr. Nora Gold is the founder of JewishFiction.net and the author of The Dead Man (Inanna Publications). Sharon Kirsch is the author of ‘The Smallest Objective’ of which TMR reviewer Bill Arnott said: ‘In this particularly well-crafted memoir, author Sharon Kirsch shares her experience of exploration, healing and loss… the astute observation of a writer in her prime.'”