Malca Cossman Kirsch in Immigrant Story

May 4 | 2022

When Sholom Wargon, creator of Immigrant Story, approached me about contributing a family narrative, I was delighted. 

Immigrant Story is a laudable effort to give voice to every manner of immigrant who made the journey to Canada during the twentieth century, regardless of origin, achievements, or notoriety. All of the stories appear on the website <>, whereas a smaller selection will be featured in an exhibition opening on June 2nd at Bathurst Clark Resource Library in Thornhill, Ontario.  

My own contribution, “The Malca Cossman Kirsch Story,” is now live and will be included in the forthcoming exhibition. I was especially pleased to be able to highlight the story of my paternal grandmother, who, for much of her life—and like so many women of her era—was both overlooked and underestimated. Malca makes a few brief appearances in my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective. Here, however, is her story told more fully and to the extent that I know it: