Today belongs to my mother!

May 28 | 2020

To mark today’s official release of my memoir, The Smallest Objective, I’m sharing this picture of my mother, Rene, the book’s…  more ›

A novel of the immigrant experience in America

May 25 | 2020

The Rise of David Levinsky, published in 1917, is an early example of a novel about the hardships and triumphs…  more ›

It’s a postiche!

May 22 | 2020

Does anyone recognize this 1960s must-have hairpiece? In The Smallest Objective, the narrator recalls, “The postiche gave my mother’s beehive hairdo…  more ›

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Preview of The Smallest Objective in OrcaSound arts & entertainment news!

May 20 | 2020

Please enjoy this preview, which does a great job of introducing the book’s central themes and subject matter. You…  more ›

Rhinestone and Bakelite. Plastic and rubber …

May 14 | 2020

In the opening chapter of The Smallest Objective, the narrator sets aside all ideas of treasure for nine days,…  more ›

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The Smallest Objective: Interview on Book of Life

May 8 | 2020

Podcaster Heidi Rabinowitz has been kind enough to post an interview about The Smallest Objective on her blog for…  more ›

Sneak preview: My mother on her wedding day

May 5 | 2020

Here’s my mother, Rene, a central character in The Smallest Objective, wearing the Simonetta of Rome wedding dress described in…  more ›

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New book finally on the way!

May 5 | 2020

The Smallest Objective was on track for an April 23 release when the printer in Quebec suspended operations at…  more ›

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Great afternoon at Toronto’s Draft Reading Series!

November 18 | 2019

I was lucky yesterday to be able to participate in an afternoon of readings at East End Arts. Jennifer…  more ›

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My story “The Shell Thief” now in Room Magazine

November 20 | 2017

Please check out my short story “The Shell Thief” in the migration issue (40.3) of Room Magazine.