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The Smallest Objective featured on CBC Radio

June 22 | 2020

I was very fortunate yesterday to be able to share some thoughts about my memoir, The Smallest Objective, with CBC listeners.…  more ›

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The Smallest Objective in the news in Montreal!

June 18 | 2020

Please enjoy this week’s coverage in two Montreal newspapers: (page 18)  

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Memory loss and selective remembering

June 15 | 2020

In my new memoir, The Smallest Objective, the themes of willed forgetfulness and selective remembering are foremost. Racism, now so much…  more ›

Seashells by the seashore—my father in Florida

June 11 | 2020

My father was known among his family and friends for “His love of kittens and fledgling birds. His obsessive…  more ›

A date at high altitude—my aunt Carol in Mexico City

June 8 | 2020

In my new book, The Smallest Objective, my aunt Carol stars in the chapter titled “Lake Pátzcuaro,” named after a lake…  more ›

Ruby Foo’s restaurant—the lowdown

June 4 | 2020

The characters in my new memoir, The Smallest Objective, love to eat and drink—and, most of all, they adore Chinese…  more ›

Jockey Fleming—the jockey without a horse

June 1 | 2020

In my new book, The Smallest Objective, an entire chapter is devoted to my mother’s great-uncle Jockey Fleming, the family black…  more ›

Today belongs to my mother!

May 28 | 2020

To mark today’s official release of my memoir, The Smallest Objective, I’m sharing this picture of my mother, Rene, the book’s…  more ›

A novel of the immigrant experience in America

May 25 | 2020

The Rise of David Levinsky, published in 1917, is an early example of a novel about the hardships and triumphs…  more ›

It’s a postiche!

May 22 | 2020

Does anyone recognize this 1960s must-have hairpiece? In The Smallest Objective, the narrator recalls, “The postiche gave my mother’s beehive hairdo…  more ›