A new short story in The Razor!

May 1 | 2023

May Day, a celebration of spring, marks the appearance in The Razor of my short story “How a Tall Man Sat…  more ›

In the forests of Lithuania—my grandfather’s formative years

April 10 | 2023

I’m delighted to announce today’s publication in Terrain magazine of my illustrated essay “Its Petrified Imprint”: <https://www.terrain.org/2023/nonfiction/its-petrified-imprint/> The essay details my…  more ›

Artists in situ—Russell Hoban, Francis Bacon

March 17 | 2023

I was lucky enough recently to visit Dublin, including the reconstructed studio of maverick painter Francis Bacon. When Bacon…  more ›

The Language of Flowers

February 1 | 2023

February in the Northern Hemisphere is a chill month, brittle and unripe. Yet it’s also by way of Valentine’s…  more ›

“To live and take root”—Louise de Kiriline at Pimisi Bay

December 5 | 2022

As Montreal, city of my birth, prepares to host Cop15, I’m engrossed in a celebration of nature and place…  more ›

My Mother Unmasked

October 14 | 2022

Among the many vintage photos of my mother (bottom right), I return time and again to this one, where…  more ›

Goldfinches and the season of milkweed and asters

September 16 | 2022

For most of us, seeds are a starting point, the venture capital we invest in our farms and gardens.…  more ›

A Breakaway Republic—rule by “dreams, insights, mythologies”

August 15 | 2022

In summer 2013, almost a decade ago, when George Clooney finished it with Stacey Keibler and Edward Snowden announced…  more ›

Handmade Ceramic Buttons circa 1930

June 4 | 2022

A duckling, a bunny, a lady bug—tiny emblems of summer. Although near antiques, this trio of buttons, possibly from…  more ›

Malca Cossman Kirsch in Immigrant Story

May 4 | 2022

When Sholom Wargon, creator of Immigrant Story, approached me about contributing a family narrative, I was delighted.  Immigrant Story is a laudable…  more ›