Starting life anew after a pandemic—my aunt Carol and the Asian flu of 1957-58

October 19 | 2020

When my aunt Carol graduated from McGill Physiotherapy in May 1958, the relief she felt must have been twofold:…  more ›

“So Far, So Good”—cooking with The New York Times 1961

October 12 | 2020

Today being Canadian Thanksgiving—spent in relative lockdown—I’m thumbing through my mother’s hefty New York Times Cook Book from 1961. As I…  more ›

My grandmother’s Russian box—a story in miniature

October 7 | 2020

My Russian box, like a Russian doll, is hollow. As a teenager fleeing the pogroms in Lithuania, my grandmother…  more ›

SK initials

The Smallest Objective speaks to women

October 1 | 2020

Please enjoy the following radio interview and print excerpt based on my recent memoir, The Smallest Objective. Both appear in media…  more ›